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Hi, I'm glad I could be of service to you. These are major services I am most passionate about as they are about labour and employment law, research and writing, and training/facilitation. But I'll also be open to other opportunities for which you believe I am a good fit. Let's keep in touch!

Legal Research & Writing

e-contract in Cambodia

If you're a lawyer and happen to be already hard-pressed for time, or if you need an English writer who can read the Cambodian law, I could come into picture to help you out. With over 10 years of experience, I could offer unique legal research and writing to assist attorneys and law firms.

My legal writing services include legal memorandums and legal correspondences such as legal opinion letters and advocacy letters.

Labour & Employment Training for HR Professionals

I offer a wide range of topics on labour and employment law training for companies. These include employment contract, workplace dispute resolution, and fundamentals of Cambodian labour law. 

I can also offer training on specific topics as required by companies. 

Employment agreements and policies

Well-drafted employment agreements are critical to protecting the many business interests. And Cambodian labour law could be confusing if you don't understand what effects the different types of employment contract could cause. 

My services with regard to employment agreements include reviewing, drafting and execution of employment contact and related polices.