Want to learn Cambodian labour and employment law (and more)? 

You've come to the right place. NITESASTRA is a legal education platform (and community) for serious HR professionals in Cambodia.

What Nitesastra Is All About

To be one-of-its-kind labour law academy for serious HR professionals in Cambodia (and much more as we grow!)

The Vision

This website is the beginning of a journey to raise the bar for legal education in Cambodia. The vision is to become a legal academy, online and offline, that produces authentic books, tools and materials to bring legal education in Cambodia to the next level.

A passionate community of serious legal professionals coming together to exchange their expert opinions and research is another long-term goal for I want for NITESASTRA.

The Complete Guide to Cambodian Labour Law for Human Resources:

By the end of 2020, my goal is to publish a Complete Guide to Cambodian Labour Law for Human Resources.  

The Passionate Community for HR Legal

By 2022, I will aim for NITESASTRA to become the largest legal community in Cambodia. This will be a dream come true in my legal career. 

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About Samphy Y

Hi, I am Samphy. 

I have been in legal profession since 2004. Labour law, industrial relations, CSR and legal writing are my main areas of work. 

My employment and consulting portfolio includes the US Embassy in Phnom Penh, the Arbitration Coucil, Australian AID justice project with multiple Cambodian government agencies. 

I created NITESASTRA to continue legal education myself and my passion for writing. But more importantly, it is to share my legal expertise and passion for writing with human resources professionals. 

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