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Privacy and Personal Data Protection in Cambodia

Personal data protection and privacy law in Cambodia

How is personal data protection and privacy law in Cambodia? What are the governing laws and regulations? And what can you expect as a company dealing with the privacy data? Photo by ev on Unsplash More and more companies are collecting, storing and processing personal data of people in Cambodia. So, here’s what they should know (and maybe

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Overtime under Cambodian labour law

How does the Cambodian labour law govern overtime? This article will answer this question. Law and regulations governing overtime in Cambodia There are three major law and regulations governing overtime work in Cambodia: the Labour Law 1997 (LL) (Article 137-140); Prakas 80/99 on Overtime Work Besides Regular Working Hours and Notification No. 041/11 of the

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Do you have to pay 50% of wages during work suspension?

Garment factories usually pay 50% of wages to their employees when they have to suspend their work due to an economic difficulty. What does the Cambodian labour law say about this? Image credit to Derek Blackadder The Cambodian labour law allows for work suspension due to economic reason (Art. 71(11)). But such a suspension cannot

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Guide to Severance pay under Cambodian law

How does Cambodian law define severance pay? Are you entitled to severance pay if you resign? What should you review to find out the exact entitlements in regard to this? Let’s get started. Image source What is severance pay? Cambodian labour law provides for two different plans for severance pay depending on the types of

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Hi, I am Samphy Y, the founder of nitesastra: Legal Academy of Cambodia. I've been working as a legal professional since 2004. My practice areas are the Cambodian labour law, CSR and legal research & writing. I am passionate about writing. 

My goal with nitesastra is to contribute my legal expertise and passion for writing to professionals in other fields of work, especially Human Resources, who want to educate themselves about law. 

It will be a dream come true for me if from the success from this platform and with a small group of you, my patrons, we can together build a fully functional legal academy of, and for, Cambodia... and a legal community that will raise the bar higher for legal education in this country. 

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